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Eating Greek Salad in Greece + Recipe

Greek Salad. Just reading the words makes my mouth feel all tangy and happy. Greek salad in Greece? Reading that makes me want to jump on the next flight to Athens. Oh my gosh, there is nothing better than Greek salad in Greece. My bestie Jen and I started our Grecian adventure exactly one … [Read More...]

Herculaneum: Pompeii’s Better-Preserved Alternative

Herculaneum isn't the first ancient Roman city you'd associate with the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Its (much) more famous neighbour Pompeii probably takes that honour.  But just a short distance away lies an unassuming gem: Herculaneum. This partially-excavated town is intimate, atmospheric and sees … [Read More...]

Vesuvius on Horseback

"I guess we don't get helmets," said Kelly, the most experienced (only) horse rider in our group.  "Oh, well.  Welcome to Italy," she shrugged. "Would we normally have helmets?" I asked as my horse took a step, lurching my body forward at the same time. My anxiety level rose instantly as I … [Read More...]


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